Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review: Saving Juliet

Book: Saving Juliet
Author: Suzanne Selfors
Release Date: January 22, 2008
Publisher: Walker's Books for Young Readers
Pages: 256
Source: KPL
Stars: 4.5/5
Two Juliets,
both alike in desperation. . .

Seventeen-year-old Mimi Wallingford, of the Broadway Wallingfords, has a life most girls can only dream of—complete with the starring role in her family’s production of
Romeo and Juliet.  But acting is not her dream, and she’s fighting for the right to trade her script for a scalpel and become a doctor.

Fourteen-year-old Juliet Capulet, of the Verona Capulets, has lived a lonely life—imprisoned by the feud that consumes her family and by her iron-fisted mother’s forcing her into an unwanted marriage.  She will do anything to avoid her betrothed, even if it requires faking a boil on her bottom—or something more dangerous.

During the play’s final performance, Mimi’s wish to get away actually comes true when she and her heartthrob costar, Troy Summer, are magically transported into Shakespeare’s Verona. Now that she knows the real Juliet, Mimi doesn’t want to stand by and allow the play to reach its tragic end.  But if saving her new friend means changing the ending of the greatest love story of all time, will she and Troy ever make it back to Broadway?

(summary taken from Suzanne's website and Goodreads)

First, let me just say that you shouldn't pass up this book just because the cover isn't (admittedly) the prettiest. I honestly adored everything about this novel (and it's not just because the main girl's name is Mimi)! 

Saving Juliet is like a modern spin on Romeo and Juliet but not at the same time! It's more about a girl who is accidentally finds herself stuck in the world's greatest love story, where Shakespeare's version is about as similar to it as a baby chick is to a hawk. It's fun and sweet and SO hilarious sometimes that I'm constantly in the land of Goofy Grins.

My absolute favourite thing about this book is the cast. Mimi (LOL ♥) is such a strong and hilarious character, and her interactions with Troy who we first just see as a spoiled pop star but ends up being so, so sweet make me want to laugh out loud! Plus, I adored that Juliet was just a young girl with a lot of spunk.

Hilarious, heartwarming, and absolutely adorable, Saving Juliet is the perfect sort-of remake of Shakespeare's famous classic! The plot is fun, well-crafted, and mixed with twists that keep it all interesting. I recommend it wholeheartedly whether you're a fan of Shakespeare or not! 

BUY or BORROW?: I won't blame you if you're hesitant to buy this one (because I certainly was), but you should definitely read it anyways because it's just such a fun book! :)



  1. Dude!! I totally dig this cover! Lol! I love modern day spins on old tales if it's done well! I'll have to check this one out!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! A character named Mimi! Love it! I'm liking the sound of this one for being a modern spin, especially if it is heavy on the LOLing. I always look forward to a good laugh!

  3. Land of Goofy Grins? I so want to go there. Sounds adorable!

  4. Haha, I love books that bring on goofy grins :D Great review Mimi!


  5. A Mimi book! Heheh. That's fun! Sounds like a very entertaining story, will keep an eye out at the library for it.

  6. Lol, I kinda like the cover! Not that it's gorgeous, but it's intriguing!

    It definitely sounds real interesting. Might have to take a closer look at this one! Great review. :)

  7. Great review! And the cover is something... interesting! LOL

    I'm the girl who did the interview today at Kindle Fever and I just wanted to thank you for the comment and letting you know that first you will be officially invited to my wedding with Quinn ;) (I will definitely need a flower girl, LOL) and second I'm a new follower of your lovely blog! :)


  8. I think it's got to help when the MC shares your name; it always makes me happy!

  9. Wow this one looks so epic! I've honestly never heard of this one but it sounds awesome. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Am I the only one who finds the cover hilarious?!?!?! Thanks for sharing!


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