Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Book News: The Iron Knight


The ever amazing Julie Kagawa just released the cover for The Iron Knight (the fourth installment in the Iron Fey series) on her blog today! Isn't it gorgeous? With the beautiful design, it's just as stunning as the first three.

The Iron Fey series is honestly one of my favourite faery tales of all time! It has a cast of extremely lovable characters, intriguing faery lore, and a Winter Prince who's hot enough to melt ice. That this book is going to be written from that aforementioned prince is something that only makes me squeal in anticipation. It's going to be cool to be able to read Ash's mind for once (pun intended).

Can't wait until October 25, 2011 when this book is set to be released!

Also, Summer's Crossing, a free Iron Fey novella told from Puck's point of view, is available for download at Harlequin's eBook Store or from Kobo Books as of today. Another beautiful cover and another story that I'm ecstatic to read. Hurry and download it now before it's no longer free! ;)

Have you read Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series yet? If not, then I recommend that you do so! It's a series that you don't want to miss! My reviews for the books will be up soon :)



  1. i LOCE this series i have read it more than five times and sometimes i imanie different endings LOVE THEM (im reading them right now)

  2. With Ash, Puck and Grimalkin in the core of the cast here the dynamic between the characters is essentially familiar but the new additions give it a bit of a new flavor and I saw sides of them I didn't really expect. With Ash and Puck almost competing with Grimalkin and Wolf in who can bicker better there's plenty of verbal dueling that could turn dangerous any minute and the new surprise companion in the quest brings the tension that makes it impossible to be confident in the outcome. And don't worry, we do get to see Meghan again before the story wraps up and she's still her old self, despite being the Iron Queen and ruling a whole realm.

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