Tuesday, January 17, 2012

LIST: Book Boys I Wish Were Real!!

It's no secret that I develop major crushes on fictional book characters, and I'm sure I'm not the only one out there LOL! But I decided it would be fun to show off some of my favourite book boys! :)

So here are a few of many that I wish were real, in no particular order:

Boys I Wish Were Real

1. Will Herondale & Jem Cairstairs from The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare: I know I'm not being fair to pick both boys, but they're both just so awesome! x) Will for his humor, snark and love for books; Jem for being one of the sweetest boys out there!

2. Jace Wayland from The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare: Another Cassie boy! She sure knows how to write them, huh? LOL!

3. Alex from Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson: OH MY GOSH. This is the boy I wish was my imaginary big brother's best friend when I was growing up. I love him too much for words!

4. Etienne St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins: French/English/American boy extraordinaire! Need I say more???

5. Tucker Avery Christian Prescott Tucker Avery AND Christian Prescott from the Unearthly series by Cynthia Hand: Cynthia Hand wrote one of the most amazing, heartbreaking, and totally swoon-worthy love triangles in history, and the world deserves to be indecisive about it!

6. Adam Wilde from If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle Forman: Because the world needs more sweet, amazing, and realistically adoring boys like Adam! 

7. TOD HUDSON from the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent: Oh my gosh, Tod is the biggest testament to the fact that I have a thing for snarky boys! Looooooove him so much!

8. Adrian Ivashkov from Bloodlines by Richelle Mead: I know there's Dimitri but... I'm Team Adrian. *ducks and hides under table*

9. Zach Goode from the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter: Because I'll forever be a Gallagher Girl and Zach will always be one of the first boys I've ever had a book crush on! :)

10. Four from Divergent by Veronica Roth: Holy moly, this boy is perfection! He's smart, hot, tough, and totally and completely swoon-worthy... I don't think any girl can physically NOT love him!


I'm going to stop there because this list could get REALLY long REALLY fast! ;) Also on my list would be Lucas from Fated, Peeta & Gale from The Hunger Games trilogy, Jack & Cole from Everneath, Ash from The Iron Fey series, Ren from the Nightshade series, Archer & Cal from the Hex Hall series, and so many more!

There are just way too many awesome book boys out there! Funny how I've had way more fictional crushes that I've had on the guys in my grade, huh? The immaturity of high school boys ruins it LOL! x)

Who are some boys that YOU wish were real? Introduce me? ;)



  1. Great choices - I love all of them too! I just started Hunting Lila and can't believe how amazing Alex is, now I'm really looking forward to Lucas from Fated. Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. OMG MIMI!!!!!! I'm swooning!!!! SWOONING!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry, *takes a deep breath*) Will & Jem is truly worth to be number one in the list. I also had difficulty choosing between them but I made my decision during the end of CP! YES to number 2!!! DEFINITELY! I love love love Jace! I haven't read Hunting Lila but I am intrigued with Alex! NUMBER 4: My ultimate crush. Hahaha. I love Etienne. He feels realistic and somehow, I feel like I can find someone like him out there! Number 5: AAAAA..I haven't read Hallowed but I have read Unearthly and I am team Tucker......and Christian. LOL. Yes yes to number 6! Adam is such a heart-breaking character. He kept his promise to Mia and aah, he cried for her. Number 7: I haven't read Soul Screamers but I am dying too! He is definitely awesome, I'm sure! Number 8: TEAM ADRIAN! But I also love Dimitr. Haha. I just finished Last Sacrifice and I feel so sad for him. He deserves his happiness and he rocks! I've read the 1st book in the Gallagher series but I haven't finished it all so I haven't meet this Zach but he sounds awesome. Number 10: *faints* OMG Mimi, Four is just so awesome. He is perfection and he's HOT! Now I feel like re-reading Divergent and swoon all over him. Sorry for the lengthy comment. I just couldn't resist in commenting each boys on the list, hehe!! Awesome list, Mimi! <3

    1. MWAHAHAHA! Celine!
      I saw the word 'Etienne' and knew there had to be a comment from you here somwhere <3
      Oh dear *fans you*
      Are you feeling OK? I think this list would've been kind of overwhelming for you...

  3. Adrian!!! <333 Oh, and Will Herondale too!! <333 I'm so obsessed with both boys.

  4. Todd is the only one on this list that I know, but he's pretty awesome. The others...gah, I need to catch up on my reading!

  5. TUCKTIAN FTW!! Ha. Great list!! I have to read Clockwork Angel soon! >.<

    Xpresso Reads

  6. This is the best idea for a blog post ever.

    Peeta Mellark, as you know, is my ultimate book boy crush.
    If he were /real/ my husband would be in trouble.

    I don't recognize too many of these guys, but am EXCITED to see most of them are on my TBR list :)

  7. I think Four is my favorite on this list although I also really love Cal from Hex Hall (he needs to be in the books more!) What a fun idea!

  8. haha Mimi :P :) Yesteday I was sitting in a bar, reading Hallowed and drinking coffee. And I had the same thought you had. I looked around and check all the boys in the bar. Holly hell, what a disaster! And then I tought "of course I develop a crush on fiction guys, when every guy around me is so.. boring and unattractive!" So yeah, I totally understand you! If I must choose just one.. then it would be Daemon! :P ;) He is my perfect guy! <3 :) ;)

  9. *dies* I want that whole list! Is that greedy of me? I'll share them obviously ;-) Jace and Tucker would be at the very top of my list, followed closely by Dimitri and maybe Alex from Delirium. I quite enjoyed him. Or Jack from Everneath. My heart hurts just thinking about him. LOVE this list Mimi! *wipes drool off chin*

  10. Oh Em Gee!!!! *dies*

    Mimi! This post is my reason for living! I love it. Dooood, if these boys were real the world would be a better place. Seriously. I'm so in love with Adam Wilde. I love how he's a grand gesture kind of guy. And WILL! The way we were introduced to him in CA was so fantastic! He is a master of so many things. And thank you so much for being TEAM REN, because honestly, I can't see why anyone wouldn't choose him over boring whatshisface! And Archer Cross and The Winter Prince! Holy SWOON!

    Okay, there are still a couple on your list I haven't met yet, but I've heard all about them from various MBB post and yup, I'm already in love! :)

  11. Awesome post, Mimi! I agree with you about Alex, he is such a hottie. Alex and Dimitri, those would be my picks in YA. I think. I'm sure I'll think of 10 more by dinner. :)Oh, and Sean from The Scorpio Races. I'd marry that boy in a heartbeat. :)

  12. Note to self: Don't go through Google Reader at 7am in the morning. Especially when there are posts on lustysexyswoony guys, because I will crumble into a giggling, girlish mess and that is not a healthy way to start the day :P ALEX!!! ST. CLAIR! (French/English/American... the gorgeous hybrid boy <3), TUCKERRRR! (Christian WHO?! Granted, I haven't read Hallowed yet), ADRIAN FREAKING IVASHKOV, FOUR!!!!!

    Ahem. Yes. Can I have a real copy of those boys too, please?! I'd also add NOAH SHAW *swoons* to that list. That boy. Goddamn. NO WORDS to describe the sexy. Love this post, Mimi! <3

  13. A big fat yes to Adam, Four and St. Clair! I've got to read the others, but where are these guys in real life?

    Team Dimitri beats up Team Adrian. Nah, I'm an Adrian fan too although I think Dimitri is the better catch. Then again, I haven't read Bloodlines yet ...

    1. Agree with you Canadian, your thoughts match with mine...

  14. I would have to say Emmett from Twilight, and especially Ian from The Host.

  15. Love this post as I'm always falling for my fictional men as well. I'm a Jacob Black fan through and through. I even wrote a three post profile on him on my site. That's how much I adore me some Jacob Black. If he was real, he would really be the perfect man for me. Other than him I have to agree with you on Four! Still swooning over him as well.

    I haven't read the Cassandra Clare series yet, but I do have Clockwork Angel and the Immortal Instruments series in my TBR pile. You are going to convince me to go and read them soon. Lovely post hon.

  16. Omg!!! Awesome list!!! Four... YES! Adam... Yes!!! I soooo need to read Unearthly like yesterday! Gah!

  17. I agree with you on Jem! He's definitely one of my favorite fictional guys. Ash and Puck are other faves, and I agree that Tod is very cool! Peeta all the way for me.

    These are pretty much YA heroes only, but sometimes I like my grown men characters, too! I'm still going to say I still love Charles Bingley from Pride and Prejudice and Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility. Atticus and Leif from The Iron Druid Chronicles, and The Greyfriar from Vampire Empire.

  18. I think I'll add Harry Potter to this list because I know that we all want to...

  19. I so agree with you-- the immaturity orr high school boys amazes me! I would put Mr. Darcy at the top of my list! I just love him! I think every boy should read a book called Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Mr. Darcy. It would make life easier! Fantastic list Mimi :)

  20. Honestly, I think my list would have been something like
    1. Etienne
    2. Etienne
    3. Etienne
    4. Etienne
    5. Etienne
    6. Etienne
    7. Etienne
    8. Etienne
    9. Etienne
    10. Etienne

    But I like yours better :D

  21. Ah but what about the characters we can be glad aren't real?

  22. You've got good taste, Mimi! Lol. I was excited to see your comment about Adrian. I liked the Vampire Academy series (though I still have to break down and finish the last one, even though I already know what happens). I was never really a fan of Dimitri. I liked Rose, and I really liked the characters of Adrian and Christian. They're what held my attention, not the love story between Rose and Dimitri, so I have to admit...I got bored at a few points in the series. But I've heard a lot of good things about Bloodlines, so I'm hoping I'll like it better!

  23. Ahh Gale. I know the whole blogosphere is full of love for Peeta but I will take Gale any day of the week. If only this list could be longer, I'm sure we would be able to come up with at least 50 more!

  24. Oh! Don't forget Adam from Shatter Me! *sighs dreamily*

    Lovely list! I think it's adorable you're picking both halves of so many love triangles. :)

  25. Seriously, your list is making me drool. :D So happy to see some of my favorites up there. Will, Jace, Tucker, Four, Adam, Archer...HEAVEN! :D

  26. Etienne!!!! He is seriously my favorite. Still, lately, I really liked Augustus Water, from The Fault in Our Stars. He was simply amazing with Hazel.

  27. You and me share many Literary crushes, haha! My fave has to be Adrian from Bloodlines, obsessed really. Etienne is perfection and Jem OMG. And so is Will and Jace. I guess I can't make up my mind LOL. Haven't read Divergent or Unearthly yet so I have yet to meet those guys, but they sound amazeballs already!

    Have you read Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel? Two words: Rhode Lewin. Epicc! I think you'd love him. Loved this post, it was fun :)

  28. I wish Dimitri Belikov was real. And also Bones from Night Huntress :D I'm in a group dedicated to Book Boyfriends on GoodReads:


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