Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Epic Review: Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross!

Book: Kill Me Softly
Author: Sarah Cross
Series: N/A (Mimi is working to change this!!)
Release Date: May 8, 2012
Publisher: EgmontUSA
Pages: 331
Source: bookstore
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon CA | The Book Depository | Chapters
Stars: 5 (million kajillion billion trillion!)/5
Mirabelle's past is shrouded in secrecy, from her parents' tragic deaths to her guardians' half-truths about why she can't return to her birthplace, Beau Rivage. Desperate to see the town, Mira runs away a week before her sixteenth birthday—and discovers a world she never could have imagined.

In Beau Rivage, nothing is what it seems—the strangely pale girl with a morbid interest in apples, the obnoxious playboy who's a beast to everyone he meets, and the chivalrous guy who has a thing for damsels in distress. Here, fairy tales come to life, curses are awakened, and ancient stories are played out again and again.

But fairy tales aren't pretty things, and they don't always end in happily ever after. Mira has a role to play, a fairy tale destiny to embrace or resist. As she struggles to take control of her fate, Mira is drawn into the lives of two brothers with fairy tale curses of their own... brothers who share a dark secret. And she'll find that love, just like fairy tales, can have sharp edges and hidden thorns.

(summary taken from Goodreads)
Warning: This will not be your average review. I loved it too much for that.

Kill Me Softly is Brilliant with a capital B, Adorable with a capital A, and PERFECTION in all caps! It's easily my favourite book of the entire year. I loved it so much that, when I went back to skim a few passages to write this review, I ended up re-reading the entire book! Let me just show you what my copy looks like right now: 

I never, ever put sticky notes in a book — I just never have the time! (Being a blogger and all.) That's how you know that I have to love a book to EPIC proportions to want to take the time to go back, re-read it, and mark up my copy like this.

So instead of attempting to be professional about this (in which I would fail), I'm going to list Five Epic Reasons why Kill Me Softly deserves to be read by everyone! :)

1. The World

This is not your average fairytale re-telling, and it doesn't deal with your average Disney fairytales either. It's based on the original Grimm fairytales, where Cinderella's stepsisters cut off parts of their feet to fit into the glass slipper, and happily ever afters are uncommon things. 

In Beau Rivage, the people are cursed with a fairytale. They know their fate before it happens. Some are meant to fall into an enchanted sleep; some are cursed to cough up jewels; others are forced to do unspeakable fairytale things. It's addicting and enchanting and utterly enthralling. It's the most original portrayal of fairytales that this fairytale-loving girl has read in a long time! :)

2. The Breathtaking Storyline

Kill Me Softly starts with Mira running away from the home of her godmothers to find her parents's grave in Beau Rivage. All on her own, she meets two brothers: One snarky bad boy who all but harasses her into leaving (Blue), and one kind and sweet boy who offers her a place to stay (Felix). Of course she's going to trust the nicer one.

But first impressions mean nothing in Beau Rivage. 

Everything is unbelievable and believable at the exact same time. Unbelievable because some things are so bizarre, so out-of-this-world, so how-did-she-come-up-with-this worthy that it blows your mind... yet believable because Sarah Cross writes it in a way that makes you think, "Oh yeah. Having a kiss that kills? It happens every day in Beau Rivage!" 

There are so many things I didn't expect... and so many things to love!

3. Mirabelle Lively & Co.

Mirabelle also known as Mira and fantastic girl extraordinaire is not your average fairytale heroine. She's stubborn and determined and can hold her own in a game of knee-slapping snark. Mira brought smiles to my face and an ache to my heart. I loved her so much!

I know some people were having problems with some decisions she makes, but I thought it was all in her character that made her real. With all the circumstances surrounding her sheltered past and everyone around her unable to tell her what was going on, her frustration was completely justified and her aching was palpable.
     "At home," she began haltingly, "when my godmothers were gone, I used to pretend that my parents were there. I'd imagine them doing normal things, like cooking, or watching old movies with me, or asking what I did at school. I guess because... I felt less lonely that way. I could pretend there wasn't a hole in me. But when I'm with you, I don't need them. I want what's real." (page 143)
And I love love LOVED all of the other cursed characters too! They argue like crazy, but their banter is hilarious and their friendship is genuine. Freddie was a personal favourite. Even though his fairytale role was to be Mira's awakening prince, he was never really a love interest. But he was too adorable and sweet and innocent to not be loved! Birds followed him around for a reason, you know. ;) 

4. The Writing

Reading Sarah Cross's writing is like a dream. It's beautiful; it's fluent; it's picturesque; it's, quite honestly, like finding my home all over again! Just when I thought that first person narratives were starting to become my favourite, she pulls me back with this gorgeous third person prose that steals my breath away. I've never read a book with so many quote-worthy passages in my life.

Beautiful P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N, that's what it is!

5. Blue Valentine
Yes, Blue deserves his own whole point!

My mom thinks I'm crazy for wanting a house with a blue garage and purple shingles, so I can't imagine what she'd say if I wanted to marry a boy with blue HAIR. (But I do, I absolutely do!)  

Cursed with a horrible fate, Blue Valentine uses his snarkiness and attitude to keep people at an arm's length. He seems like your average I'm-a-jackass-to-protect-you sort of guy, but he's not. He's so much MORE, and there are certain times when you see how vulnerable he is, how much he loves Mira, how much his curse is killing him, and it just about rips your heart out. 

He has so many hilarious one-liners or quotes that show off how sweet a bad boy he is, but I want to show you a quote that reveals his other side, his heartbreaking side: 
     "You know, I don't usually know the girls he likes. Not like this. I look the other way most of the time. But I met you first. I knew you first. I wanted you first." (Blue to Mira about his brother Felix, page 208)
With Kill Me Softly being my favourite book of the year, Blue is easily my favourite book boy!

In Conclusion...

Maybe this is my weakness for fairytales talking; maybe it's my soft spot for gorgeous writing, brilliant ideas, breathtaking romances, and boys who rip my heart out. Or maybe this is Sarah Cross's brilliance shoving itself in my face that makes me declare this one of my favourite books of all time!  

Read-worthy, buy-worthy, and totally swoon-worthy, Kill Me Softly is a bundle of creativity that surpasses authors like Cassandra Clare for me! It's hilarious, and brilliant, and adorable, and heartbreaking, and totally and completely beautiful in a way that hardly exists in YA. It's exactly the kind of book I've been looking for my whole life! 

In case you can't tell, I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH and until Sarah Cross writes a sequel, I don't think another book will be topping it anytime soon!

BUY or BORROW?: This entire review was basically an answer to this question: BUY THIS BOOK. It's not breaking my semi-coherent-book-review streak for nothing! ;)  



  1. Wow! So you really liked this book huh?? :P I hadn't even heard of this one until I saw your review. What girls doesn't have a thing for fairy tales? Especially the darker side of them. This one is going straight on my TBR.

  2. WOW! You really liked this book! That's awesome! :) I read it on my Kindle and I really liked it too!

  3. I'm glad you loved it so much. At least, it's really easy to get someone's hair dyed! I love fairy tales a lot, too. I actually have gotten this one, but I haven't read it yet.

  4. I absolutely love this review Mimi, I love all your passion and enthusiasm you show for but I especially love your book full with all of your notes! How did you manage to keep this review from not turning into a full blown essay? A fab review Mimi I can't wait to read this book and of course meet Blue! < 3!

  5. YAY Mimi! I LOVED Kill Me Softly too and for all the same reasons! I've probably read it at least a dozen times since the first, but finding another book comparable isn't easy. I so can't wait for the sequel so I can have more Mira and Blue, and more of the others - I need to read about their curses and what happens! Blue is the BEST!

    Excellent review Mimi! <3<3<3

  6. This is such a wonderful review and a solid recommendation. I have this book, but have not read it. Thank you for regenerating my excitement. I love the sticky notes. I have recently started using the highlighting option on my ereader, but I have a preference for printed books, so I will have to try using those little stick notes.

  7. Ooh a boy named Blue?! I like it. And it's awesome when a book-boy gets his own point for reading the book. LOL You really sold me on this one, Mimi. It is now on my amazon wish list and I will have to try and get this one some time really soon! I think my sister would love it too. She's kind of obessed with the show Once Upon a Time and this reminds me of that, but BETTER. lol

    Have you read Dull Boy by Sarah Cross? I remember really enjoying that one!


  8. HOLY BLEEEPING MUSHROOMS, MIMI. I think I'm going to cry -- this is my favourite of all of your reviews because this is my favourite book of the entire year too! <333333 I don't think anyone could've done the amazingness of Kill Me Softly any more justice than you just gave it -- your review is PURE BRILLIANCE in all caps. The sticky notes are so epic (Can I borrow your copy, Mimi??) and I love how you justified Mira. I know many peeps on GR didn't like her, but I honestly don't understand how they couldn't -- she was such a heartbreaking character and I loved her so much too! <33

    The world is def one of my fave parts. I mean, I don't even know how SC cam up with this idea but I could NOT have loved it more than I did! (; And the writing made me swoon off my feet. And even though Felix was charming in the beginning, I was always firmly Team Blue. I loved his snark and I loved his badboy persona and I loved & hated how he broke my heart. That boy was brilliant, just like you!

    (I would SO visit you in your blue and purple house, Mim!)

    LOL sorry for the uber-comment, Mimi-Doll! This post is just making me crazy damn happy. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious review -- please please please write more this way! (': <33333

    1. Oh, and also: Didn't you just love how Blue had blue hair? It SO reminded me of anime in a way LOL! Too cool!! (x

  9. Your reviews just always convey so much enthusiasm, Mimi. I love how you showed a copy of your book filled with stickies just to prove how much you really loved this one. I adore fairytales so I have this one in my TBR pile but I still enjoyed reading your list of why everyone should read Kill Me Softly :)

    Lol, I want the inside of my house decorated in blues, purples and white. Not the outside :P

  10. Wow Mimi! Clearly I need to get my hands on this book after reading that review of awesomeness! I think I'm a little in love with Blue already, I'm such a sucker for the snarky boy with a vulnerable side. *runs to buy Kill Me Softly on Kindle* Any book you say is your favorite read of 2012 is one I must try for myself!!!

  11. I've been waiting for your review-I thought you had written it earlier. I loved all the fairy tales combined together but Blue isn't really my taste-I'm a Freddie fan (that explains a lot about me, huh?)

  12. Eyes wide at your copy of Kill Me Softly. WOW! I'm totally speechless. That picture speaks for itself how good the book is. Really. I'll be getting the book! I must!

  13. I completely adore your review Mimi! I can tell how much you enjoyed writing this spectacular review! It's so lively and well thoughtout! I need to read Kill me softly too so we can talk about it! This review is one of a kind! :0

  14. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! I LOVE THIS REVIEW!!! I seriously loved this book soooo much! And I love even more than we posted our reviews for it on the same day!! :D Seriously, Blue IS the best. He's so awesome. I love how you talked about his "snarkiness". LOL because he sure does have a lot of that! :D

    Great review, Mimi!! (It was TOTALLY coherent. Trust me...I speak your language!) haha! ;)

    Sierra @ Yearning to Read

  15. :D Woot! I loooovved this book too. They need a sequel. >.> Hehe, Blue was one of my favorite points about this book too. He's so charming and just asdfghjkl; <3 <3

    Lovely review, Mimi! So glad to finally see you wrote up a review for this ;D

  16. Holy Cow! I love reviews so full of excitement!! I can so easily relate to being head over heels about a book and than just feeling the desperate need to SHARE! This is probally the cutest and most awesome review I read about this book - yep it certainly is!

    I felt your love for this book in your review, and this is all what counts for me to pick it up!!!

    This line? "Kill Me Softly is Brilliant with a capital B, Adorable with a capital A, and PERFECTION in all caps! "
    *giggles* Awesomeness with a Capital A :)

  17. You've totally sold me on this one! I read a lot of reviews which said it was good but I'm totally buying it now! I loved your review! Your enthusiasm is lovely :)

  18. Great review! I definitely would have to read this book! Blue sounds easily-crushable, and I might like the thought of a bad boy with blue hair ;)

  19. LOL, Mimi your enthusiasm is contagious. I love how you laid out this review and the visual of your book is so much fun to see. I can tell you are head over heels for this one!

    I have to admit that you've sold me on this one almost right away. The concept almost reminds me of the show Once Upon a Time and I want to know how it all comes together. I'm pinning this one so I can't forget it. Thanks for the review!

  20. Wow, really? Looks like I have to give this one a chance! I love the cover, which is why I picked it up at ALA, but the first few pages were a little slow so I let it go. BUT I think I need to pick it up again. Awesome review, Mimi!

  21. I loved this review! So cute and fun...yes you should put in a bunch of stickie notes, I loved the world and the twists on the fairy tales and the characters as well. Jewel was fascinating. Sarah Cross could easily write sequels in this world and focus on the different fairy tales and characters. I am so glad you loved this. If you ever do get that house I want to see a picture of it!

  22. Sticky Notes? Woah, this tell me that indeed. You mean business. This was a fave. I feel you. As a blogger, I never have the time to stop and kinda mark anything in a book. Not that I would, I would be too paranoid if I ruined a page by accident LOL. Though, you kinda make sticky notes look cool and your notes are hilarious and so adorbs!

    Fun review, Mimi <3 I am adding this to my TBR list. Your enthusiasm for it is contagious and I love fairytales so I can't wait to check this one out! :)

  23. Oh wow, Mimi... just seeing how many post-it notes are in your copy makes me want to pick this up! I love that you enjoyed this book so much. The writing, the characters, the blue hair... everything sounds amazing! I honestly can't wait to give this a go now and have to wonder why I haven't started yet. :P I'm so thrilled you enjoyed this! Amazing review lovely! :)

  24. i wish i could read it/ i lend my copy to a friend. I have not even read it yet
    gr8 epicness awesome spectacular review mimi

  25. Wow- I am definitely going to read this now! I have been influenced by your excitement!

  26. Is it possible to want to marry a review? Paha, I think you just persuaded anyte reading your review to read this, Mimi!

    Blue sounds so swoon-worthy... I love when there's an amazing male character, who also happens to let you in for a peek at their vulnerability... It makes them so much more realistic, making them even more swoon-worthy!

    Your copy of the book looks just like my revision books do! Looks super organsised.(:

    The cover of this NEEDS a shoutout. The concept... The colours... The fonts... So pretty and would definitely make me want to pick it up in a book store.

    Amazing review, I really want to meet Mira[belle] and Blue now!

  27. Dude?!?!?!? What is this?!?!?! Wow, this is a whole new level of book love lol!!! I just LOVE your review sooooooooooooooooo much!!!! Gosh I wanted to read this book right after reading the first reason but the 5th reason really had me hooked! I have an audio book of this one that I still need to start! I have exams going on right now so I think I will have to control my anxiousness to listen to this one until exams are over but this review is totally one that I will never forget!!!!!! I adore fairytales and romance and awesome writing and your Cassandra clare comparison has really got me reaching for my head phones to start listening to this one now!!!! Thanks for the awesome review!!!!!!!!!!!!! You always know what to say...I mean write to make to me want to read a book!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow is it just me or did I use the word "and" way too much...and omg look at all the exclamation marks...oops!!!!


  28. I loved your review!! I love when people put quotes from the characters so I can get a glimpse of who the characters are! I can tell you put a lot of time into this post, thank you so much. It makes me want this book! It is now on my Wishlist :).

  29. So I take it I should add this to my TBR? Somewhere near the top of course! Your review is so awesome, it actually got me pretty excited to read this one, once I get a copy! Sound pretty freaking awesome, and considering our taste is somewhat similar, I'll have to buy this soon!

    Great review Mimi!

  30. Oh, Mimi, sometimes I can't believe you're just 15/16 when I read your reviews! How can a girl like you turn out to be so articulate even when you're fangirling?! I have to meet your parents and congratulate them personally.

    Anyway I have this too but I keep on procrastinating. I MUST make time for it like put it on the schedule so I'll get to it, your review convinced me :)

    Talk Supe

  31. Oh my Mimi this is probably (scratch that, DEFINITELY) my favorite review of this month, actually I'm thinking this year, LOL. How on earth do you manage to be so smart and clever sounding even while fan-girling?? Chicky, we have to meet sometime and discuss your awesome tactics and review writing skills! :) I can't wait to read this book. As soon as I read your review I made my mom promise to take me to the bookstore tomorrow!! I HAVE to read this!!! I have a feeling I'll love Blue too, and then maybe we can start a fan club together?? ;) Awesome sauce review, Mimi-doll, you never fail to write epicly amazing reviews that always get me jumping up and down in excitement. I don't know if my review of this will be able to compare to your epic one, but I'm still gonna try!! And at the bottom of my review I'll write 'For a much better and more informative and just all around more awesome review, please refer to Mimi Valentine's review of Kill Me Softly [insert link here]'LOL. Oh my goodness Mimi I know that I only know you 'virtually', but sometimes I feel like I like and know you better than my 'real'friends. :) Amazing review girl!! You never fail to surprise me and amaze me. <3

    1. Oh my sorry for the long comment, Mimi! I didn't realize how much I had written!! <3 ILY!

  32. oh WOW, great review! I had totally forgotten this book was on my TBR until I saw your review and now I just want to run to the bookstore and get this ASAP!

  33. It's so cool when you love a book this much, isn't it?

  34. Mimi, every time I come here, I laugh! You and your posts are so cute and awesome at the same time!! I am COMPLETELY sold on this book! Your review is lovely and I LOVE all your post-its in the book. You must leave it like that for all time! I hope this author shows up in your area so you can take your book and show her. I can't imagine a better compliment. :)

  35. O_o Mimi! I knew you loved this book, I did, I just didn't know you loved it this much! But even though I generally stay away from fairy tale re-tellings, I can totally see WHY you like it! Mira sounds like a wonderful character, and Blue is the type of boy I love seeing as a love interest: snarky and unkind on the surface, but generous and gentle underneath. Anyway, I absolutely must read PERFECTION asap.
    <3 <3 <3

  36. I love how adorable you are ! :)
    Your reviews always reflect your personality and reading them is like getting to know you. <3 I just want to hug you ! :D
    I personally didn't enjoy the book as much as you did, but I can see why you loved it so much. :) Your review is very convincing. Oh and I did love Blue. He was pretty fantastic, wasn't he ?
    Lovely review, doll. :)

  37. MIMI! OH MY GOODNESS, I AM DESPERATE FOR KILL ME SOFTLY NOW! I've heard of the book before but I wasn't quite interested in reading it. Although, after reading your review, I NEED TO BUY THIS ASAP. And your picture of the sticky notes? GORGEOUS! ;)

    Awesome review, Mimi! <3 So glad you enjoyed it! Mimi's favourite book of 2012 so far must be on my TBR list IMMEDIATELY1

  38. Oh, Mimi! That was a wonderful review! I cannot wait to read this book now either! And lol my Bloodlines book look like THAT! I actually have a few books filled with colorful post-it notes. ;P

  39. What a great review! And I agree with you on everything! Kill Me Softly also is my favorite read this year! And of course one of my favorites EVER!

    Rachel @ Books to Consider

  40. But boys with blue hair are so hot! I'll totally back you up on that with your mom, Mimi! :)

    I love that picture of your book covered in post its. And since the story hints at something darker, I'm definitely intrigued. Plus, how can I resist one of your favorites of the year!

  41. Wait, wait, wait! *goes over to GR* *marks review as fav*
    Now, Mimi, while you may think this review isn't professional, it's one of my favorites I've read since I can feel how much you loved the book with every word. Really, really beautiful <3 And about the book... gosh why isn't it available for kindle in Europe? T_T I wanted to buy it right now. Sigh, I'll have to wait then.

    I really liked the idea of fairytales... not really fairytale-like lol. But yeah, this new kind of creepy version really attracts me. And Blue, your favorite book boyfriend? Now I'm really interested! Currently the one on the top of the list is Adam (since Shatter Me happens to be my nº1 favorite book, too!). We shall see! :D

    Loved your review all the way, Mimi! <3

  42. WHOA. Clearly, I need to read this book. Ever since I first found out about it, there was just something, some little voice that said "you're going to like this one." Call me a sucker for fairy-tales (I am, btw) but this just APPEALS to me. I love how you did this review, just like I LOVE that there is a boy called Blue, and that he got his own number on your list. SWEET.

    Note to self: bump this one up on the TRB. FAB FAB review, Mimi! I LOVE all your enthusiasm for this one!

  43. Wow. WOW. WOW OMG, Mimi. I'm not sure I've ever seen you THIS excited about a book before! You certainly didn't kill me softly with your review, you BASHED ME OVER THE HEAD AND DRAGGED MY BODY TO THE BOOKSTORE.

    Hell, I knew I wanted this just from your photo alone!! And then your review... *FAINTS* This. Sounds. INCREDIBLE. I am in love with the plot and the characters and the feel of it already. If the book is anywhere near half as good as you review, I HAVE FOUND A NEW FAVOURITE <3

    Beautiful, incredible, gush-worthy review, Mimi!!

  44. Ok. I see a review like THAT and I know I must get it! So I WILL read this book! And a boy with blue hair, what's wrong with that? ;)

    I rarely find the time to use stickies too. But I did in The Sweetest Dark. I took most out but I think I accidentally left one in, but I'm not sure. Anyway, using stickies means its truly a winner!

  45. Your review has really made me want to get this book! I guess this is another book added to my to be read list! Thank you for this amazing review :D

  46. Oh my god, Mimi! Favorite book of 2012? FAVORITE BOOK OF 2012?!?!? I MUST have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Ahem* Anyways, so glad you loved, loved this one! I need to read it, obviously!

  47. MIMI!! :o :o I need to buy it now. Money or not, here I come! LOL. Seriously, can you BE any more awesome? I want this perfection nowww. I always thought it sounded amazing, but now... o: Thanks for confirming it! LOL. I need to read it and that is ASAP!

  48. I said it on Goodreads, but I will say it again: the one thing that made me read this book was BLUE. He can be one of my favorite male characters of this year. I'm still glad that you loved it so much and that it worked out for you! The use of fairytales is fantastic indeed. I would just like to crawl into this book and sweep Mira away :p

  49. Wow, what a review! I am sold! Thanks for bringing this book to my attention! As always, BRILLIANT review, Mimi! Favorite book of 2012? THIS MAKES ME EVEN MORE EXCITED! *squeals*

    5 (million kajillion billion trillion!)/5 - ahahahaha! Love you and your frabulous (fantastic and fabulous) reviews! Seriously, your reviews are golden. And I love your hype! Seriously, I am like, SO excited! YAYAYA :D

    I need this book yesterday! NOW, NOW, NOW! I am going crazy! EEEEEEEE :)

    I've said it before but I'll say it again... BRILLIANT, FAN GIRLY, GISHING, BEAUTIFUL review! I don't know hoe you do it but you do it with such style! *runs off to buy book*

    P.S - I appologise for this CRAZY comment but can you blame me? You and your kickass review have me SO excited!

  50. Wow, Mimi! I love this review. You have me excited to read this book, when I was probably going to pass it up! I think all those sticky notes are awesome! lol.

  51. Aw, Mimi! I LOVED HOW YOU LOVED THIS BOOK! This is such an epic review and your enthusiasm rubs off! If I hadn't already read this book, this would make me for sure. 5 MILLION STARS FOR YOUR REVIEW.

  52. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! It looks like mine and mom's usually do :D :D MIMI, I am so happy that you loved this book as much as I did!! This book really is epic and adorable and hilarious and gorgeous and OMG I could go on forever <3 <3 And I completely LOVE your copy :) To me it looks perfect!! And OMG your review is perfect! Like, REALLY perfect!!

    Hope your exams went well!! :) I'm going to check NOW my English exam. God, I am so so nervous about it. My fate is in its hands.

    Keep your fingers crossed ;) ;)

  53. Oh my WORD, Mimi, that was a truly epic review! The picture of your copy with those sticky notes... totally heart it! Definitely says so much about how amazing the book was for you! The setting and storyline sounds so AMAZING and I can't wait to meet Blue!!! Fun and amazing review, Mimi! :D

  54. I'm so happy to see someone love this book as much as I do! It is so great, I stayed up till midnight reading it, went to bed, woke up at six-forty and started reading again! To be honest, I would have loved for the book to look more into Blue and Mira's future, just to see how it turned out. My favorite part in the book is when Mira and Blue are wrestling in his apartment and he almost kisses her! I almost cried because they didnt! :( What's your favorite part in the book?

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