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Review: Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink

Book: Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink
Author: Stephanie Kate Strohm
Series: Pilgrims #1
Release Date: May 8, 2012
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pages: 204
Source: Thomas Allen & Son (Thank you so much!)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon CA | The Book Depository | Chapters
Stars: 4/5
A story of crushes, corsets, and conspiracy

Libby Kelting had always felt herself born out of time. No wonder the historical romance-reading, Jane Austen-adaptation-watching, all-around history nerd jumped at the chance to intern at Camden Harbor, Maine’s Oldest Living History Museum. 

But at Camden Harbor, Libby’s just plain out of place, no matter how cute she looks in a corset. Her cat-loving coworker wants her dead, the too-smart-for-his-own-good local reporter keeps pushing her buttons, her gorgeous sailor may be more shipwreck than dreamboat — plus Camden Harbor’s haunted. Over the course of one unforgettable summer, Libby learns that boys, like ghosts, aren’t always what they seem.

(summary taken from Goodreads)

I've read a lot of cute, smile-inducing, and totally fun books in my time but Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink is undoubtedly one of the CUTEST on my list!  

I have this epic love for Libby. She's a hopeless romantic, a lover of fictional characters, a super-fashionable teenager, and a total history girl... In short, she's a whole lot like most of us! She's bubbly and sweet and ridiculous and fun. Some of the things she says and does are so adorable that you just want to jump in the book and hug her!  

But where Libby is a genius with historical facts and working with kids, she's clueless when it comes to boys and that's what makes this story so giggle-worthy! Cam seems like the perfect prince charming who can recite Shakespeare and looks extra hunky to boot; Garrett seems like the jerky reporter who is nothing more than the boy that lives on the same boat as her. But they're both more than their first impressions let on.  

What I love about Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink is that, even though it may be a little predictable, the romance is sweet and realistic in its own way. There's no eternal devotion, no I'll-die-if-I'm-not-with-you, and definitely no insta-love. It's very straightforward yet engaging, and I couldn't help but smile with the way the author tied everything together nicely (so it can be a stand-alone) yet made me glad that I'll be able to meet Libby again soon!  

Fun, adorable, and absolutely smile-inducing, Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink is the perfect romance with a hint of a ghostly mystery to read when you're seeking an escape from all the doom-and-gloom in YA! I can't wait to read more of Libby's misadventures. :)  

BUY or BORROW?: Do I love having this adorable book (inside and out) on my bookshelf? Umm, YES! When I'm looking for something quick and light, this is the book I'll be turning to! ;)  



  1. Hehe I can tell this books is adorbs LIKE YOU! A straightforward yet engaging romance sounds like my style. I think if I need a pick me up, I will definitely pick up this book!

  2. Thanks for the review, I adore books like this. And it looks really cute, one of my Out-And-About reading books that I'd go out with. I must definitely read this book.

    And I'm glad they aren't "star crossed lovers" those annoy me.


  3. I'm so happy to see that you enjoyed this book too-it is just a ray of sunshine to brighten up a day! I can't wait for the sequel to come out :)

  4. Cool review! I haven't heard of this book before though it definitely has a quirky and cute cover.

  5. 'Jane Austen-adaptation-watching, all-around history nerd'
    'a lover of fictional characters...and a total history girl'

    Meee! :D

    This looks so cute. Why didn't I add this before? Maybe because it needed your review to convince me (and there's always the chance it's too cutesy for me ;)). I'm gonna give this a go. Amazing review, Mimi! :)

  6. This sounds like an adorable read ! I love reading contemporaries although they are very predictable, so I have a feeling I'll love it.
    Libby sounds like an epic main character and I'll love her since she's a history junkie and all.
    Great review, Mimi ! :)

  7. This sounds like the cutest story ever. I am so in the mood for something light and fluffy. How funny that Libby is a historical fact genius! I love that Libby has a hobby. Usually these types of books just concentrate on the love story.

  8. Excellent review Mimi! I really LOVE the sound of this one! This is definitely being added to my TBR list - thank you for sharing! <3

  9. MIMII!!!!!! This sounds like the most adorable book EVER -- and coming from the most adorable GIRL ever, that's a huge praise! <333333 I've been reading tons of doom and gloom books lately even though it's summer (which is like the time to read novels like this), and I just know I'm gonna adore this one, too. I love how the romance sounds -- sweet, fun, insta-love free, and without the eternal devotion of YA? KAYLEE LIKE. And I didn't expect the hint of ghostliness in this book either! (;

    Ah-freaking-DORABLE review, Mimi-Doll!!! <3333333333 Since we always love the same books, I'm def gonna read this one because I'm sure I'll love it too! (:

  10. You know what Mimi?! You absolutely rock at making me want to blow my monthly budget and buy every book you review:) I don't mind predictable stories when they're adorable and giggle-worthy, and sometimes, I want that predictability in a sweet romance. I crave the HEA so I'm never disappointed when I get it. Lovely review as always!

  11. This book sounds like a cute and adorable read. Now I want to read it. I'll have to add it to my TBR. Great review, Mimi!

  12. This looks so cute. Haha, she does sound like us. I hear that, Mimi :D

    Oh, I need to read this after this review. It looks sooo adorbs and like I would love it! And yea, I want a cheerful YA book to read, hehe! :)

    Awesome review, Mimi! ;) Thanks for sharing such a cute sounding book with us because I had not heard of it before! Hope you are having a good week, doll!

  13. Before this review, I hadn't really thought about this one. I saw the title, and honestly, I dismissed it. But now I'm thinking it sounds like a SUPER cute summer read. I'm gonna add it to my TBR and hopefully look for it at the library! Sweet review, Mimi!

  14. I love clueless adorable girls so this story sounds like it made for me! Lovely review Mimi!!

  15. Wow, with the way you described this novel I'm afraid Anna and the French Kiss will finally have a match. And I am terribly in love with AATFK.

    Spectacular review, Mimi!

  16. Such an adorable review Mimi! You have such a mesmerising way with words that I keep adding so many awesome books to my tbr pile! This is one book that I hope to check out soon! :)

  17. I love that you can tell you enjoyed this one just by the way you wrote the review. Too cute! I wasn't sure about this, but it sounds like a fun read and I LOVE that the romance is realistic and not insta-lovey. Always a good thing.

    And who couldn't get behind a girl that likes fictional characters?!


  18. Ahahaha GREAT review, Mimi!! :D This book sounds hilarious...and although I wasn't interested before, I definitely am now! :D Thanks for sparking this in me! haha ;)

    Sierra @ Yearning to Read

  19. Awww this one sounds like a lot of fun. Something to get into on a nice lazy day and just lose yourself. Libby sounds like a sweet girl and now I'm totally interested in the mystery.

    And the fact that the book elicits laughter is a big plus in my book. I love a good, realistic romance that can make me laugh and enjoy the characters. It actually makes me think if the Georgia Nicholson series. Hope you enjoy the follow-up just as much as this one! Great review Mimi.

  20. I love the cover! it's nice that even if the romance predictable you enjoyed it. It sounds so sweet, I think I need to ass it to my wishlist now. thank you Mimi!

  21. Hah, my name is Stephanie Kate and her name is Stephanie Kate Strohm. Cool! =) Of course I have to read this book written by my namesake. It sounds adorable and fun for summer and I really like reading about ghosts. Libby and I could be BFFs! Brilliant review Mimi!

  22. Sometimes I just crave a simple, fun book like this. ;) Amazing review, Mimi! Predictable or not, it sounds like this is a joy to read and I can't wait to meet Libby. She seems like a genuinely likeable character! I completely adore the cover for this book too. ;)

  23. Except for the super-fashionable part, it sounds like Libby could be my twin, since we are both hopeless romantics who love book characters more than real people. LOL

    I'll-die-if-I'm-not-with-you is my least favorite kind of romance, so I'm glad that it's not an issue here. Sweet and realistic work way better for me. Thanks for reviewing this book. I hadn't heard a lot about it before.

  24. This sounds so cute! I love the title. Thanks for the review. I will definitely be reading this one too.

  25. It sounds so adorable!! I think I need to read it :) I really like that it's not the "insta-love" going on, that's always kindof .. meh. Anyways, I'm glad you really like this one! Thanks for the review!!

  26. I'm definitely intrigued, Mimi! I've never even seen it before, but I have to say I want to give it a try now :) Have I ever said you're good at selling books? ;) Hahah. Great review and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  27. AHHHH!!! I am SO craving serious cuteness and sugar-sweetness right now! awesome review, Mimi! I shall add this to my list as well! yes, no insta-love <3 I've suffered from that quite a lot this year T_T Awwww!! sounded so nice that you were smiling all the way through!! I wanna read~!!!!

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian

  28. Sounds like this book is as great as it's title!

  29. I thought this one sounded adorable! Your review has me convinced, I must look for it at the library! So glad you enjoyed!

  30. This sounds super cute, Mimi! <3 I love the title and your review induces smile to my face too! x) I think I'll enjoy get to know Libby! It's super adorable that she knows so many things about historical facts, yet she has no idea when it comes to boys! I'm curious what kind of historical facts Libby will recite! x)

    Such a fun and lovely review, Mimi! So glad you enjoyed this book! x)

  31. Sometimes I really crave for a simple, cute book like this! Especially when it's summer, so I'm putting this one on my wishlist to read this vacation ^^ Thanks for bringing this one up, otherwise I might not read it!

  32. The cover of this one looks so cute so it's nice that the story inside matches. Libby sounds like a great MC and I'd be curious to see who she picks because you said that both guys are more complex than they seem.

  33. I just read this one yesterday! :) It was definitely a super fun book and easy to read as well. I had some issues with Libby but I liked her for the most part... That thing at the end with Cam? Hahahaha, awesome <3 Go Libby! And Garrett was such a fun love interest... I never knew what he would do next.

    And this isn't a stand-alone?! :O I didn't know that! I'd just assumed that it was! Cool :) I'd definitely like to read some more fun adventures of Libby, Garrett and Dev! Speaking of Dev, his internship made me both giggly and terrified! I'm kind of morbidly curious as to what he had to do there....

    Thanks for the fabulous review, Mimi! <3


  34. Oh, Mimi, this sounds SOOOO fun! I've never heard of it before, but everything you said about the sweet romance and !!!! It sounds SO adorable! I don't know how you do it, but you write a review, and my reaction is something along the lines of: ADFAJFHDLJANEEDWANTNOWNOWNOWNOWNOWNOW O____O !!!!

    FAB review! ♥

  35. This sounds like such a cute book, and so perfect for Summer. I WANT. Libby sounds lovely, whilst Cam and Garrett sounds... Interesting.(;

    Thanks for the review, Mimi.(:

  36. This book.... your review... I think the appropriate reaction is: Awwwww!! I LOVE those super fun, super cute, smile-inducing reads. And I can SO see why you have epic love for Libby! Very excited about the sweet romance you promise, especially since theres NO insta-love or 'eternal devotion' :) THANK YOU for making me aware of this awesome book with your equally amazing review!! <3

  37. Good to hear about the realistic romance!
    The title is def catchy and different.
    Thanks for review.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  38. This sounds really, really interesting. I like me some cute and light read. Gosh, I have so much awesome books to catch up on! Thanks for sharing, Mimi! :)

  39. Oh, this sounds adorable. I love that it's sweet and REAL. Fantastic review, Mimi! I remember seeing this book in your haul a while back and waiting for your review :)


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