Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy Easter!

Even though not everyone celebrates Easter, I just wanted to wish you all an AMAZING long weekend! :)

I know I'm excited because I have no school for four days (YAY!) and my parents are off work for three of the four too. Plus, even though my sister and I are too old to hunt for chocolate eggs, we still get to hide them all over the house for my little cousins to find (and eat the extras) which is always so much fun. I think that Easter chocolates are even better than Valentine's Day ones!

(Then again, chocolate is chocolate and I'll take what I can get LOL. With one of my cousins being lactose intolerant, I can't help but know how lucky I am!)

My weekend is bound to be chaotic  between staying with my grandma, doing homework, being dragged to watch Titanic in 3D with my friends, and trying not to explode on sugar so I hope yours will be just as fun!

Are you planning on doing some special things for this weekend too? Or is it just going to be another relaxed weekend? Either way, eat lots of chocolate, read lots of books, and go for a five mile walk. You'll be golden! ;)

Love you guys so much! :')



  1. Happy Easter for you, too! Can't wait to enjoy all the lovely chocolate either, although at first I'll have to work tomorrow. :( But on Sunday I'll go on a brunch with my family which has become some kind of tradition on Easter Sunday during the last few years. Really looking forward to all the delicious food. And chocolate, of course. ;)

    Have a lovely weekend,

  2. Happy Easter to you too. I'm kind of jealous that you have off. My mother has off work and my little brother has off school, but I'm stuck in college: we have class both Monday and today. So sad. I hope you have a lovely weekend! Happy reading!

  3. Happy Easter Mimi! I am so jealous of your long weekend as I just have the typical weekend but I am hoping to have a productive one, catching up on reading and reviewing.

    I will also be watching Titanic but just at home-no way am I wearing 3D glasses over my regular glasses for 3+ hours!

  4. Happy Easter, Mimiiii!~ ♥♥
    Here we don't celebrate Easter that much (at least, not with the chocolate eggs -- I want them, too! LOL) but I hope you have a lot of fun with your family :) I love family reunions!

    This weekend will be pretty hectic for me too! Visiting my family in my hometown, then dance practice, then my sister coming back from her trip... But I'm looking forward to it, too! :)

    Have a GREAT 4-day weekend! ♥

  5. Hi Mimi! I'm planning on catching up on HOMEWORK and reading! Great blog, new follower!

    Follow mine?


  6. I will happily let your friends drag me to see Titanic in 3D! My mom said she'd go with me, but now she's like, "No, I didn't. Why would I want to see through 3 hours of that boring movie?!" What?! I'll probably just go by myself! :P But Happy Easter!

    Angie @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

  7. YAY LONG WEEKEND MIMI!!!! Unfortunately for me I don't have a long weekend, but my husband does and he's already on the couch playing Black Ops. Awesome. Maybe I'll be able to finish work early though....

    You'll have to let me know what you think of Titanic in 3-D! I kinda want to see it:) Have an awesome holiday weekend!

  8. Happy, happy Easter Mimi! May it be filled with more chocolate bunnies than you could ever possibly handle.

    *Envisioning Mimi buried under a pile of shiny foil-covered chocolate buns* :D

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  9. Have a great Easter weekend Mimi!

    I am looking forward to my kids finding all their Easter eggs and baskets! (and stealing some of their candy!) :)

  10. Happpy Easter, Mimi! That sounds like a really fun weekend :D I can't WAIT to watch Titanic in 3D! And sob again while watching it. I had the best Easter Eggs today. Ah, chocolate is good :D Have a great weekend!!

  11. Happy Easter, Mimi! Lol, I usually stock up on chocolates after the weekend is over because then it goes on sale :) I love my chocolate bunnies.

  12. Happy Easter to you too Sweety :) <3 <3

  13. Aw, Mimi, you are the cutest!! Your weekend sounds like such a blast and I hope you have the loveliest of Easter holidays. May you eat all the chocolate you want! ♥ ♥

  14. am spending my weekend to unwind. (plenty of tv shows to catch up on ) Thank god for the weekend!!

    happy Easter to you :)

  15. Happy Easter Mimi!! :D LOL "explode on sugar" don't you hate/love that feeling? hahahaha it's so fun to splurge a couple of times a year but then I really kick myself afterward...hahaha ;)

    Hope you have a good one! You'll have to let me know how the Titanic 3D goes... I want to go see it but don't think I have time for it right now. Enjoy your weekend!! :D

  16. I will take chocolate in any form, Mimi! I imagine I'll be stuffing my face this weekend, plus I have time off to actually read during the DAY. :D Hope you have a good one!

  17. Chocolate is the best right? I hope you get lots of goodies and books. Enjoy your holiday, Mimi!

  18. Happy Easter to you too bb! <3 <3 Have fun watching Titanic! Try not to cry too much. :P and YAY for no school for 4 days! I swear that's one of the best gifts we can get these days.

  19. HAPPY EASTER TO YOU TOO, MIMI! ♥ AAAAA...I need to watch Titanic! I have never watched Titanic in my whole life! And in 3D? Well, I better buy my tickets now!

    Hope you have TONS of chocolates to celebrate your easter, Mimi! HAVE FUN! ♥

  20. Happy Merry Easter to you!! I love Easter!! In fact it's basically the best holiday EVER (along with halloween)!! I have gone to visit my best friend and her family and then am doing stuff with my family for the rest of the weekend:) I hope you have a great one!!

  21. Ah!! Sounds like you have an AWESOME long weekend planned, Mimi!! Chocolate, Leonardio DiCaprio, friends, family, sugar sugar sugar, but let's forget the homework part ;P I LOVE Titanic. One of my all time favourite movies... wait... you say you're being 'dragged'? AHEM. What is this nonsense?

    I have nothing planned but to sleep-in and be lazy :D I don't really get into the Easter thing like I did years ago and omg I'm just realising I ate all the chocolate in the house the other day. I have nothing! *gasp gasp*

  22. Sounds fantastic! Have fun hiding eggs for your cousins - my favourite part of holidays is making them fun for my daughters! :) I'm surprised that my husband isn't dragging me to Titanic 3D - becuase he loves it (I do too).

    I hope to find a little bit of reading time this weekend, I want to finish Embrace by Jessica Shirvington and start on another book.

    Enjoy your weekend!!! :D

  23. Have a great, fun weekend.

    I am still reading The Snow Child. And Saturday I will join some people I like a lot for an early Easter turkey dinner. A nice quiet and hopefully sunny weekend for me ...

  24. YOU'RE GOING TO WATCH TITANIC 3D?!?!? OMGGGG YOU'RE SOOO LUCKY! (well...even though you were DRAGGED by your friends, YOU'RE STILL LUCKY TO BE SEEING IT IN THE CINEMAS!) I wish MY friends would drag me - but it's more like the other way around, and even then, they refuse to watch it :S


    Anyway, HAPPY EASTER, MIMI<3 I hope you have a fantastic 4-day holiday! (And just because I feel like rubbing it in, I'm on a two-week holiday! hahaa, but it'll be full of studying...soo...not much of a holiday at all! :S)

  25. Happy Easter to you! I'm not doing anything for easter except being lazy and catching up on some books.

    Anyway, I love Titanic but I wouldn't go see it 3D at the movies. That's what my dvd player is for. haha. But have fun!

  26. Aw Mimi. I hope you have a SUPER FANTASTIC Easter. I know that I'm going to be probably lazing around reading lots of super fantastic books, hanging out with my family, going to Church and just chillin' for the weekend. :)

    Suz @ A Soul Unsung
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  27. Have a wonderful weekend! Je te souhaite de Joyeuses Pâques !

    I hope you'll have a lot of chocolate!!!

  28. I'm hoping to catch on up some major reading, but having my sisters at home, it probably won't happen! Hope you have a great easter too! Enjoy Titanic! Mmm Jack in 3D! :D

  29. Yay! Easter break! I only have three days off, so I'm jealous of your extra day, Mimi! I'm also too old to hunt for candy, but that's okay. I love hiding them as well. :) Happy Easter to you, too, Mimi! Enjoy your break. <3

  30. O_o You're never too old to hunt for chocolate eggs! Although hiding them for others can be just as fun. I have a 5-year-old, so I get to be excited about these things again.
    Happy Easter to you too, lovely. I hope you're having the most wonderful weekend.
    <3 <3

  31. lol yeah I feel so bad for those who are lactose. This must be their worst day of the year lol. I'm just working and volunteering but other than that reading :)
    Happy Easter :)

  32. I agree with Maja, Mimi. No one is too old to hunt for chocolate eggs! <3 I loove chocolate eggs too, I think they taste much better because there's family love in it LOL! Chocolate valentine is yum but I always feel like I'm supposed to give it to someone special! xD

    Have a wonderful holiday (sort of), Mimi! :) I hope you'll have good time watching Titanic! I have essays and school work that I have to do during my Easter three days off (sniffs!), but I hope that you have luckier fate than me! I hope you have a healthy dose of sugar this weekend! <3

  33. Hope you had a wonderful Easter MiMi! Thanks for dropping by the blog and wishing me well hon. Hope you had lot's of good treats and fun with your little cousins. We did a little Easter Egg hunt for my nephew (his first) and it was such a joy to watch him!

  34. Happy Easter, Mimi! Hope you had a lovely day. I went away with my husband and best friend (who's also my cousin). Not much reading done, but I started reading Cinder and it's AMAZING!!!


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