Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blog SpotLight: The Story Siren

Blog SpotLight is a monthly thing that I started in May, where I spotlight a blog that I think is absolutely fantastic. I've been a little slow with updating this, but now that I've finished with my exams (YAY!), I'm sure I'll have more time!

For the month of June, the spotlit blog is The Story Siren! Managed by the awesome Kristi, it's basically a YA review blog led by a girl who just speaks her mind about books like I do! Except her blog is much more organized and frequently updated than mine ;)

Why it's awesome: I love Kristi's blog because I can always trust her reviews to be truthful and thorough, and the YA books she usually reads are ones that I either have read or am dying to read. And like every easy-to-access-and-super-awesome blog should have, an alphabetical list of Reviews is easily found on her tab bar!

You should definitely check it out! It's a YA review blog at its best! :)



  1. I am so glad that you used The Story Siren for this feature. If it was not for Kristi, I would never have been inspired to create my blog. She was a great choice for your blog spotlight.


  2. @Eternal Night : I definitely agree! Kristi was actually one of the reasons I started blogging too :) Thanks so much!


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