Thursday, November 24, 2011

Where's Mimi????

*This post has been hijacked by a robot today while Mimi is AWOL.*

But then where is Mimi? Look over there!

Mimi is being featured over at The Unread Reader for Missie's awesome When I'm Not Reading feature today! Missie is one of Mimi's favourite bloggers out there (and if you stalk her blog like Mimi does, then you know you have to agree!) so this made her SO SO SO happy!!

It would mean A LOT to Mimi if you went over there and paid a visit! You can check out the post HERE, and hopefully you'll learn a few more things about this fifteen-year-old-girl that you didn't know before! :)

Hope you have an amazing day!

~Mimi's replacement (for the day)


  1. You're so darn cute, Mimi!!!! *cough cough* I mean, her robotic replacement for the day. ;) But you're one of MY favourite bloggers out there and I think it's about time that someone else recognizes how awesome you are! <3333

    I'm heading over to Missie's blog right now! Have an amazing day, too, Not-Mimi! :)

  2. Barney Stinson just called me. He's insanely jealous of your amount of awesome! True Story.

  3. Robot lol wow someone loves sci fi! BTW awesome interview...I'm obsessed with chocolate AND France too ;)


  4. Yay!!! On my way! I haven't been there yet!!!

  5. Oh great I will read it right now

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