Friday, May 20, 2011

Blog SpotLight: Gripped into Books

Blog SpotLight is going to be a new monthly thing that I'm starting. Every month I'll spotlight a blog that I think is absolutely fantastic! Then you -- as my very few readers of the moment -- will hopefully check it out! :)

For the month of May, the spotlit blog is Gripped into Books. It's a YA book review blog hosted by Mia, Sophia, Bella and Clarisse who are all book obsessed like me!

Why it's awesome: I love their blog because they always have very valid points when reviewing that fit perfectly into what I think! Also, the selection of awesome YA books that they've reviewed are very easy to find on their Reviews page. It's so much easier to find a review when everything's in alpha order! :)

PLUS: Gripped into Books blog is celebrating their 500 followers giveaway (something that I'm very proud to have helped them achieve!)! And as a celebration, they're having a giveaway featuring some very awesome books. More info on that here.

Do you have a blog that you want me to check out? Don't hesitate to message me! I don't bite! :)


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